Eight months in the making, this video is the culmination of work from 250 JamSchool students of all ages, abilities, and instruments!
This song features contributions from

65 Guitar Players
18 Bass Players
15 Bagpipers
13 Ukulele Players

61 Singers
42 Piano Players
31 Drummers
5 Violinists

The Story of #vivalajamschool

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After the success of JamSchool’s teacher collaboration video, the JamSchool team offered an opportunity to students to contribute to a school-wide project.

The response was overwhelming, with adults and students as young as five contributing videos to create a stunning cover of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.

With the support of JamSchool’s caring and supporting teachers and community, students created videos of themselves playing parts of the song. Each video was carefully joined with others to create a unique and memorable school tribute to this song.

To all of our students and our community, we say #vivalajamschool!

About JamSchool

JamSchool has been connecting students with musical creativity in Guelph for over fourteen years. Founded by Guelph musician and entrepreneur Robert Leader and founding member, musician and instructor Dan Drysdale, JamSchool’s students have gone on to become professional musicians and teachers in their own rights. With a focus on live music performance, JamSchool’s talented and committed instructors work with students of all ages to help them realize their potential as musicians, gain confidence in their playing and have fun in their one-on-one and group lessons.