Q: How much do music lessons cost?

A: At JamSchool we operate on a monthly fee structure which can vary depending on how many lessons per week your family is taking. For one weekly half hour private class the cost is $125/month. Students will receive 40 lessons between September and June.

A band class on its own costs $135 per month and runs for an hour once per week, and includes several added benefits that encourage band member interactions between classes. Bands get the opportunity to play 3-5 shows per year at many different venues throughout Guelph. 

For more details about our fees and policies, please visit our Fees and Policies page.


Q: What is the minimum age for JamSchool students?

A: The youngest  students we tend to accept at JamSchool are 6 years old although on occasion, we have taken on some keen 5 year olds. The best instruments for students younger than 7 are piano, voice (if they are able to read), drums and ukulele. The guitar is suitable for students 7 and up.


Q: Does JamSchool take adult students?

A: Absolutely yes! The number of adult students at JamSchool has grown exponentially over the past few years. We have band classes for adults as well!


Q: What instruments can I learn at JamSchool?

A: JamSchool has qualified and professional teachers for guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, drums,  ukulele, home recording, live sound, voice, violin, and bagpipes. JamSchool also teachers band classes where students can learn to apply what they learn in private classes in a band setting.


Q: What if I have to miss one of my classes?

A: You can cancel and reschedule any regular private lesson up to two times per semester. (September-January and February-June). Classes can be cancelled online with 24 hours notice or by calling the desk. Calls to cancel classes are accepted until 12 noon on the day of the lesson.


Q: How do I stop lessons once started?

A: Students are not locked in to a full year of lessons once started. You can stop lessons by calling the front desk at least two weeks before the 1st of the next month. We ask that you finish out the current month’s lessons and your account will be stopped on the 1st of the following month. This option is available from September until the end of March. Once April begins, we ask that students finish out the school year until the end of June.


Q: Are there lessons in the summer?

A: Yes. JamSchool is open all of July and August. We offer SuperFlex lessons over the summer. Eight lessons are scheduled throughout July and August with unlimited make-up lessons changes available. Simply log in to your account and switch times and days at your convenience.


Q: Do I need my own instrument?

A: Students will need to have an instrument at home to practice on in order to progress. JamSchool has a retail store at the Hanlon Creek location as well as a rental option for anyone who just wants to try an instrument before making a purchase.


Q: What is different about JamSchool’s approach to music lessons?

A: At JamSchool we have built our reputation around our performance based approach to music lessons. Although it often takes a while to build up the fundamentals and the confidence, we like to encourage students to meet other students of the same age, start bands and play shows.


More questions? We have more answers! Give us a call or email to learn more about us.