Interested in taking Music Lessons but don’t know where to start?

Here is a handy guide to help you get started!

  1. You’re a beginner? Awesome, let’s get you started!
    For beginners, we recommend private lessons. We have private lessons for youth and adults.
  2. What instrument/s are you drawn to?
    We offer many options:
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele
    Bass Guitar
    Piano and Keyboard
    Electronic Music
  3. You have intermediate music knowledge with a good understanding of your instrument, with little to no live performance experience?
    Progress your mastery of your instrument with private lessons, or gain experience playing with others with a  band or group music class.
    You might also want to get started in home recording and songwriting to develop your unique voice.
  4. Advanced knowledge of your instrument/s with some live performance experience.
    Awesome! We can work with you on many avenues. From advanced private lessons, songwriting, recording, to band and group classes with peers at a similar level of experience.
  5. Still not sure where to start?
    Contact us for an interview to determine your path to success. We have many years of experience in coordinating challenging and custom programs geared towards individual needs and goals. We are here to help!