We provide a music experience for students that goes beyond your standard music lessons.

Our students have gone on to reach new heights in a variety of different avenues. We boast some serious talent. Some of our students have received top honours at musical competitions like The Kiwanis Festival, or excelled into a career studying music at a University level. We have fostered bands that have gone on to receive recording contract with music labels, and open for major acts like K’NAAN.
Other students have utilized the training and education we provide to pursue careers in acting and theater, landing roles for television commercials, or large scale theater productions.
By fostering a love of music through live performance, the possibilities are endless!

With our performance-based approach, there’s a number of different aspects that contribute to the JamSchool experience. 


Private lessons are 30 minutes long, once a week. You get one-on-one attention from one of JamSchool’s experienced and professional teachers. All of our teachers are masters of their field. Learn more about each of them.


Are you ready to take your music lessons to the next level? Maybe it’s time to join a band! We have bands that cover many genres like pop, rock, blues, jazz and more and match students according to age and ability. Each class runs for one hour per week and involves live performances throughout the year. 

Annual JamBoree

Once a year we throw the biggest JamSchool concert at our south-end location, giving every student the opportunity to play in front of a live audience! 

Community Shows

As well as the annual JamBoree, JamSchool partners with a number of local venues and festivals to provide “real world” opportunities for our students to shine on the stage. Check out the Events section to see what’s coming up!