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At JamSchool, we match students of similar age and ability to create a band class experience that not only teaches students to play together, but also fosters lifelong friendships.

Students will learn the ropes of being in a band through hour-long band classes each week and will work towards performing at several of our JamSchool concerts throughout the year.

Our bands have taken the stage at Hillside Festival, Guelph and District Multicultural Festival, SING! Fest Toronto, River Run Centre, Red Papaya, Sip Club, Royal Electric, and Riverfest Ice Jam. They have shared the stage with big names such as Alan Doyle, Arkells, Tegan and Sara, KNAAN, Philosopher Kings, Lowest of the Low, Hollerado, Tim Baker, and World Party.

Our band program is a fun and empowering experience that teaches teamwork, accountability, and accelerates learning.

Band classes put what students learn in their private lessons into context through real-world experiences and help students discover why they play music.

Taking to the big stage with their friends, achieving goals together, meeting peers with similar interests, and sharing their music with appreciative audiences are just some of the invaluable experiences our program offers.

Join one of our exciting and challenging Band Classes – our bands cover many genres like pop, rock, blues, jazz and more!

Each class runs for one hour per week. Bands get to participate in live performances throughout the year.

We match up students according to their age and abilities.

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