Mitchell began his bagpipe tuition in 2003 while attending St. Andrew’s College in Aurora, ON.  His very first lessons came from Ellen Mole during the Middle School Arts program and then later in his high school years he was taught by Jim McGillivray.  Mitchell is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and while studying there he received lessons from the late Ed Neigh. He currently receives lessons from Bob Worrall.

Mitchell is a competitive solo bagpiper and competes in the top amateur grade level.  Some of his accomplishments include the Toronto Knockout B Division Champion, winner of the Clan Campbell Trophy for 1st place in the grade 1 MSR at the Colonial Highland Gathering, and winner of the Toronto Knockout A Division 6/8 march Geoff Neigh Trophy.

Mitchell has also been a member of many pipe bands over the last 15 years.  His first band experience was at St. Andrew’s College where he was a member of the school pipe band for 6 years.  In his last two years at the school he held the position of pipe major.

Mitchell also joined the competitive pipe band scene around this time and played with the Toronto Police Pipe Band.  He later joined the Paris Port Dover Pipe Band and is currently a member of the Guelph Pipe Band. During his competitive pipe band years, he has won the North American Pipe Band Championships in 2011, and championship supreme honours, awarded to the band in each grade level with the best overall results in the summer season, in 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Mitchell is a secondary school mathematics and music teacher.  He enjoys working with students and helping them reach their potential.  Music is a life-long hobby of Mitchell’s, and he hopes he can inspire his students to continue playing and enjoying music.