Photo of Matthew Reeves, holding an electric guitar and wearing headphones, while sitting on a stool in a music room Matthew has been playing guitar and bass since the age of thirteen, with extensive experience playing in bands, performing and recording. He has a passion for acoustic music, particularly fingerstyle folk guitar, but is not afraid to rock out as well. Over the years, Matthew has played guitar and bass with such acts as Thee Gnostics, Sianspheric, Richard Laviolette, and Naomi and the Scavengers, running the gamut from psychedelic space-rock to indie to rustic Americana. He has performed widely, appearing on stages throughout Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Matthew has lived in Guelph for the past 16 years, during which he has maintained constant involvement in musical projects. During the days he works at an elementary school, where he tries to slip in album recommendations to anyone who will listen.