Dave is a musician and songwriter fluent in a variety of genres and instruments. He teaches Piano, Guitar, Drums and Bass, and is fully aware ofthe advantages and intricacies of each of them. Dave is a creative soul who finds sharing the process of musical exploration a mutual adventure. His musical journey began at the age of 7, and from there, has been a core songwriter in award winning bands from Guelph (Dancehall Free For All) and London (A-fos and the Rude Youth), playing at events such as Hillside Festival, Pop Montreal and countless other shows across Ontario. Classical music was the starting point for Dave, where he achieved his grade 9 Piano and grade 3 theory, before deciding that other genres needed the same kind of attention he had been giving classical music. He has attended the University of Western Ontario for Popular Music and both Metalworks and Fanshawe College for Audio production and engineering, earning a postgraduate degree in Audio Post-Production. Improvisation is a lifestream for him, and he is perpetually absorbing his surroundings in order to apply them to his next creative venture.

“To me, music is one of the only pure forms of expression where someone, who is interested and engaged, can begin to develop a passion for learning. One of the most important things to me when it comes to teaching is to listen. Tailoring my knowledge to each individual’s interests and learning style is paramount to their satisfaction and success.

I want my students to enjoy their time with their instrument, which means offsetting the mundane technical aspects of music by also learning songs and techniques in a way that is practical and interesting to them.

Being a part of Jamschool allows me the freedom to explore each students’ wants and needs for the best possible learning experience, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than showing someone their ability and helping them cultivate it.”