Photo of Braden Mahon, wearing a baseball cap and playing an electric guitar

Braden Mahon is a multi-genre guitarist, with experience playing piano, singing, as well as various percussion intruments. He is a graduate of the Humber Intro to Commercial Jazz program and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program at Humber. He has been playing in different bands in the Toronto music scene for the last 8 years and has covered many different styles of music such as Blues, Country Blues, Country, Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Cumbia, Reggae and more. Braden takes pride in emersing himself in the diverse culture that the Toronto music scene has to offer and is eager to share his experience with his students.
“Music has been a crucial component to my growth as a human being and I strive to use this experience to educate and inspire my students.” – Braden Mahon