JamSchool has a long history in Guelph. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary!

Before there was JamSchool, there was JamSpots; established in 1989, JamSpots provides outstanding rehearsal spaces for local bands and musicians. Over the years, the business has grown to host eighteen practice studios, as well as a professional recording studio. You can learn more about JamSpots at www.jamspots.com.

In 2004, we opened the Practice Hall, a digital recording studio offering affordable demo recordings, voice-overs and full length album recording.

JamSchool was born in 2007 to provide top quality music instruction for budding musicians of all ages. We now have two locations in Guelph:

JamSchool Central Campus at 201 Alice Street (Established 2007)

JamSchool South End Campus at 225 Hanlon Creek Boulevard (Established 2015)